Fitness and French Fries

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Fitness and French Fries by Mind Map: Fitness and French Fries

1. Recipes

1.1. This will include a variety of healthy (and hopefully delicious!) recipes for people to try. People will also be able to add their own and comment on the recipes they've tried with their opinions.

1.1.1. This will include an app for videos so people can watch the recipes being made.

1.1.2. This will include the ability for people to upload their own recipes.

1.1.3. This will include the ability to comment on others recipes.

2. Workouts

2.1. This page will have lots of different workouts people can browse through. They can choose Cardio, Abs, Legs, Arms, Chest, and Full-Body.

2.1.1. This will include inforgraphics of the workouts.

3. Inspiration

3.1. This is basically a board people can scroll through filled with inspirational quotes, pictures, and other things to keep themselves motivated.

3.1.1. This will have the technology for people to upload their own inspiration.

3.1.2. This also includes inforgraphics of fitness and health.

3.1.3. This will have the technology for people to scroll through a newsfeed of inspiration.

4. Q&A

4.1. This is a place where people can ask questions or scroll through questions other people have asked and that have been answered to get more information.

4.1.1. This will include an app that allows people to ask the questions they want answered about fitness and health.

4.1.2. This will include the technology to scroll through others questions and answers.

5. Fitness: True and False

5.1. This page will include myths and preconceptions of fitness (cleanses, intense restriction, excessive exercising) and will include an explanation of whether they are true of false.

5.1.1. This will include info-graphics of the myths and their validity.

6. Calorie Counter

6.1. This will be a page people can use to determine the calories in the food they're eating by searching the food. They can also add their total ingredients to get the total for their whole meal. This page includes the calories burnt from exercise and what they should eat in a day.

6.1.1. This will have to include a technology that allows people to search the calories of the food they're eating.

6.1.2. This also should also include the ability to add these totals together.

6.1.3. This will also include the ability to determine the calories burnt in exercise.

6.1.4. This should include the technology to calculate what they specifically should eat in a day.

7. Home Page

7.1. This page will contain a general overview of the goals and missions of this site. It will contain pictures and fitness news and a summary of the other pages to get people interested.

7.1.1. This will include an up to date news feed of current fitness and health news.

7.1.2. This will also include my Logo for the site.

7.1.3. This will also include many different graphics to show the goals of the site.

8. Success Stories

8.1. This page will include stories of people who have gone on their own journeys of fitness and health. This can include pictures, stories, tips, and inspiration. There will also be a place for people to submit their own.

8.1.1. This page will have he app for people to upload their own stories and pictures of their health journeys.

9. Tagline: Fitness for your mind, body, and soul.