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Thrift Savy by Mind Map: Thrift Savy

1. Home

1.1. This home page will include a description of what this site is all about and how thrifting is an affordable way to stay in style

1.1.1. A video and video editing will be used. The video will showcase different thrift shoppers explaining how awesome thrift shopping is.

2. Destinations

2.1. List of different locations of thrift stores in Arizona

2.1.1. Use google maps to link people to the directions to these thrift stores listed

3. Join the thrift community

3.1. Include information for those who would like to join the Thrift Savy community so that they can submit photos to be include on the page. Also all thrift savy social media cites will be linked

3.1.1. Use an online application that gets sent to me the creator so that I can review it and place them on the cite.

3.1.2. Links to all social media cites

4. Outfit Ideas/ Tips

4.1. Give different ideas for pairing certain outfit pieces. These ideas will be submitted by the community. Give suggestions on how to find good clothing pieces at the thrift stores

4.1.1. Include a video of someone thrift shopping

4.1.2. Use photo-editing and photos to add to the descriptions/tips

5. Thrift Shoppers Showcase

5.1. People showcasing wearing their favorite thrifted outfits and brief description of their experience thrift shopping

5.1.1. Use photos and photo editing

6. Favorite Thrift Finds

6.1. People will be able to submit pictures of their favorite thrift finds and a brief telling of how they found it.

6.1.1. Include photos of the thrift finds and use photo-editing to perfect these photos

7. Statement of purpose: To inspire those who love thrifting or wish to start thrift shopping. How to be fashionable on a budget.