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Alex's Personal Website by Mind Map: Alex's Personal Website

1. Home

1.1. The Home page will be fairly minimal in terms of information provided. As this is a personal site I would like to find/create something that I find aesthetically pleasing to be my home page.

1.1.1. Graphic Design: I will create a personal logo for the website to be used throughout. This logo will be visible throughout the site.

1.1.2. Photo Editing: I will have various photos that I have taken an edited to serve as a some sort of photo montage. The other option is that my photo will serves as a personal logo or as inspiration for my personal logo.

1.1.3. Screencast Presentation: Giving a basic outline of my site and a summary of what the purpose of each page is.

2. About Me

2.1. The About page will provide a brief background about myself and my interests outside of philosophy. This page is simply a way for the viewer to have some sort of background information about me.

2.1.1. Photo Editing: This is one of the places that my photos will be fairly prominent. This may include photos of myself or photos I have taken and edited.

3. Why Philosophy?

3.1. The Why Philsosophy? page will be a little bit different than my About page since the goal of this page is to attempt to explain why it is I have decided to study philosophy. In addition to explaining why I have decided to study philosophy, I would like this page to be a resource for those who are not sure what it means to study Philosophy and why studying Philosophy is a valuable endeavour.

3.1.1. Infographics: The goal of various infographics on this page is to demonstrate how Philosophy is a beneficial field of study as well as the fact that the skills acquired while studying it are in demand, particularly critical thinking, writing, and analysis of complex problems and texts.

3.1.2. Video/Animation: I will create a short video or animation to have a whimsical take on how Philosophy is perceived as well as how I have come in contact with it and what I have perceived. I want to highlight what Philosophy does well and why it is valuable.

4. Reflections and Curiosities

4.1. The Reflections and Curiosities page will basically be a forum for me to write short blurbs about things and post links to things that I think are interesting as well as take polls and surveys about various topics relating to Experimental Philosophy. This is essentially the catch all page but it is probably the page I will be the most active on. It will operate more like a blog within my website.

4.1.1. App Prototype: I am not sure what I would like my app to do but I would like it to perhaps be a game of some sort, perhaps trivia. I am not sure yet.

4.1.2. Social Media: I will have a blog for continuous personal submissions about my various personal experiences with Philosophy and I will even open it up to friends that have insightful things to say about various topics.

4.1.3. Google Form: I want to have surveys and polls that give me a way of gathering data about certain topics in Experimental Philosophy. For instance, what types of things do people find to be more pleasurable than others, which is important to some ethical theories about utility. I would also be able to allow people to register for receive updates about things I have posted on the site.

5. Portfolio

5.1. The Portfolio page is going to be the portal where all of my formal writing samples can be accessed.

5.1.1. Graphic Design: I would really like to have cool button designs for each category of writing samples. I have a variety of samples from different fields and I would like to do something cool for each.

6. Contact

6.1. The Contact page is going to serve as a way for site visitors to contact me about the material I have posted on the site, whether that be my essays or reflections.

6.1.1. Graphic Design: I would like to have some sort of contact card, as opposed to a 'business' card, available either for me to print out or for visitors to access in addition to my basic information, i.e. email address.

7. Personal Website Tagline: "Not all those who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkein