Resilience Promotion

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Resilience Promotion by Mind Map: Resilience Promotion

1. Art Project - Art allows individuals to make peace with themselves and those around them. By engaging in activities with children, within the realms of art they may find art as a future outlet. Which hopefully they can utilize in times of difficultly, or hardship.

1.1. Color Theory

1.2. Coloring

1.3. Painting

1.3.1. StringActivity

1.3.2. Tape Activity

1.3.3. Water Color Salts Baking Soda Crayon

1.4. Melting Crayons to Produce Art

1.5. Sculpture

1.5.1. Cardboard Castles Animals

1.6. Drawing Nature

1.6.1. Going Outside/Park

2. Gardening

2.1. Tree

2.1.1. Food

2.1.2. Flowers

3. Paws for Life

3.1. Walk Dogs

3.2. Help Take care of Animals

4. What I am looking for as far a group or partner would be someone interested in working with the children of the Resilience Promotion primarily through creative explorations.