Hand in Hand Reproductive Health Services

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Hand in Hand Reproductive Health Services by Mind Map: Hand in Hand Reproductive Health Services

1. Home

1.1. This page will have a brief description about my website, and will include a list of the services HHRHS provides for impoverished countries which are sex ed, contraception, STD testing and treatment, cervical and breast cancer screening, abortion, pregnancy testing)

1.1.1. Logo: the HHRHS logo will be on all the pages of the website but will be most prominent on the home page

2. About

2.1. The About page will be more detailed about the services HHRHS provides, how they are provided, and which countries are currently being helped and which ones RRHS plans to help in the future

2.1.1. Graphic design/QR code: this page will have a printable flyer that will include some brief information about HHRHS and will have a QR code. The flyer will also be posted in doctor's offices/hospitals/clinics as well as for the public to have

2.1.2. Screencast: the screencast will define what HHRHS is about and its mission to provide reproductive health services for impoverished countries around the world

3. Services

3.1. This page will have details about the services provided internationally.

3.1.1. Infographics: definitions of each of the services HHRHS provides so that the public knows clearly what reproductive health services means and what it entails

4. Get Involved

4.1. The Get Involved page will include information on how to volunteer to help countries in need with HHRHS and also a way to donate to the organization

4.1.1. Google form: this will include a way to submit an application to volunteer for HHRHS

5. Stories

5.1. The Stories page will have details about the countries HHRHS has helped and will have pictures of HHRHS volunteers and doctors helping impoverished countries with regards to reproductive health

5.1.1. Social Media: this page will have a blog for volunteers to write about their experiences with HHRHS and how they helped provide health services for impoverished countries

5.1.2. Photo Editing: pictures of volunteers in impoverished countries will be enhanced to look brighter and more aesthetically pleasing

6. HHRHS Tagline: Working hand-in-hand to make a difference.

7. Learn

7.1. This page will have information for the public about reproductive health such as what a period is, what an abortion is, how to have safe sex, info about STDs and contraception, etc.

7.1.1. Video or animations: this page will have videos with appropriate content on what happens in the body during a period, how to put on a condom correctly, images of types of contraception and how to use them, etc.

7.1.2. App: the app will provide the same information on the get informed page but will be accessible though a mobile app that is user-friendly