Alternative Studies

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Alternative Studies by Mind Map: Alternative Studies

1. Who

1.1. Describe participants

1.1.1. Age, gender, key details

1.2. Sampling technique?

1.2.1. Describe how recruited

2. What & How

2.1. IV and DV

2.1.1. It is critical to state how you will record/measure your DV How will you analyse your data?

2.2. Method

2.2.1. E.g. Observation, self-report, psychometrics Give example questions if relevant

2.3. Procedure

2.3.1. Include brief procedure details Ethics not needed. If an experimental, which experimental design? If RM, remember to counterbalance

3. When

3.1. Snapshot or Longitudinal

3.1.1. Time of day?

4. Where

4.1. Location

4.1.1. Lab or field?