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Futurenet by Mind Map: Futurenet

1. granule abstraction

1.1. sources

1.1.1. granule individual collections of sources connected to determine a future forecast

1.2. algorithms

1.2.1. granule individual algorithms to determine a likely scenario

1.2.2. granule individual algorithm to generate a human readable text

1.2.3. granule individual algorithm to generate machine readable information

1.3. platforms

1.3.1. ex amazon fake product philosophy/law: what are the consequences of mixing future machine fiction (better projection?) with facts

1.3.2. ex future blog

1.3.3. ex competition platorm (league)

2. paradigms

2.1. prediction

2.2. mixing fiction reality

2.3. competitions

2.4. influencing the future

3. granules

3.1. product review

3.1.1. sources a product will come into existance similar product birth cycles reviews of similar products/cycles

3.1.2. algorithms considering market proportions

3.1.3. platforms amazon (fantasy) products

3.2. film critics

3.3. sport season review

3.4. accident vs development projections

4. rules

4.1. machine/algorithm generated

4.1.1. what if an algorithm makes animals/humans generate content?

4.2. must try to predicet the future 'right'

5. rules

5.1. algorithm/machine generated