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Plagiarism by Mind Map: Plagiarism

1. Thoughts on plagiarism

1.1. The amount of students who think plagiarism is not important is increasing.

1.1.1. With the massive amount of information on the internet the easier it is to plagiarize without knowing.

2. Citing

2.1. Citing the source will keep you from committing plagiarism.

2.1.1. Benefits

2.1.2. Pricing

2.2. Providing the source where you may have got some information.

2.3. Cite when you paraphrase, use quotes, and use someone else's work to create your idea.

2.3.1. Page 2

2.3.2. Page 3

3. Paraphrasing

3.1. Explaining another person’s thoughts in your own writing style.

3.2. Place quotation marks on phrases that are in the original quote.

3.3. Explaining the same meaning in your own words.

4. What is plagiarism?

4.1. Stealing someone else's work.

4.2. Copying words and ideas without giving credit.

4.3. Failing to put a quotation in quotation marks.

4.3.1. Failing to site the sources you have borrowed information from.

5. Resources