Office of State Lands and Investments

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Office of State Lands and Investments by Mind Map: Office of State Lands and Investments

1. Extension Performance Bond Tracking

2. Extension Folder Google Drive

3. SBLC R&R Chapter 18

4. Extension Work Flow GDoc

5. Trust Land Management Division

5.1. Mineral Leasing Section

5.2. Surface Leasing Section

5.3. Commercial and Land Transactions

6. Administration Division

7. Field Services Division

8. State Forestry Division

9. Directors Office

10. Mineral Leasing Section 1

11. Trust Land Management Division

12. Communitization Agreements

12.1. CA Commitment

12.2. CA Termination

12.3. Fee Processing

13. Units

13.1. Unit Commitment

13.2. Unit Contraction

13.3. Unit Termination

13.4. Fee Processing

14. Rent/MAR

14.1. Late Notices

14.2. Rent Posting

15. Assignments

15.1. Mortgage/Name Change Fee Processing

15.2. Application Fee Processing

16. Leasing

16.1. Verbal Auctions

16.1.1. Auction List Construction

16.1.2. Day of Auction

16.1.3. Post Auction Accounting and Approval

16.2. Energy Net

16.3. OTC Hard Rock

16.4. OTC Oil and Gas

16.5. Hard Rock Lease Renewals

16.6. Application Fee Processing

17. Records/Archive

17.1. Prepare Inactive Lease File

18. Extensions

18.1. Drill over primary term

18.2. Unit/CA Termination Extensions

18.3. Primary Term Expiration Extensions

19. Lease Termination

19.1. Termination

19.2. Expiration

19.3. Relinquishment

20. Bond

20.1. Bond Acceptance

20.2. Bond Forfeit

20.3. Bond Return

20.4. Idle Well Review

21. Suspensions

22. Hard Rock Lease Renewals

23. Back to Mineral Leasing

24. Renewal Processing Workflow

24.1. Identify renewing leases in LARCS Report Manager

24.1.1. Write Renewal Letter Mail renewal letter Prepare Renewal For Board Approval

25. Links

25.1. LARCS Report Manager

25.2. Mineral Leasing Reference Sheet

25.3. SBLC Chapter 17 Rules and Regulations

25.4. Hard Rock Lease Application

25.5. Sand and Gravel Application

25.6. Lease Renewal Letter

25.7. TPC-OSLI Rebuild

25.8. TPC for Board Matters

25.9. LARCS

25.10. Instruction Letter to Lessees

25.11. WY Sec. of State Business Search

26. Termination

27. Termination Work Flow

27.1. Enter lease into Termination Initiation Form

27.1.1. Complete Information in Termination Tracking Sheet Print Checklist Print well list from WOGCC website and attach to checklist

28. Mineral Leasing

29. Workflow Google Slides Format

30. Work Flow

30.1. Is lease within primary term or Extended Term

30.1.1. Yes Has lease received more than four extensions No Yes

30.1.2. No Lease Expires

31. Mineral Leasing

32. Primary Term Extension

33. Suspensions

34. Mineral Leasing

35. Workflow

35.1. 1a. Suspension Candidate Review

35.1.1. Has lease had production within last 90 days Yes No Action Required No Is lease committed to a Unit or CA?

35.2. 1b. Contacting Lessees

35.2.1. Identify all lessees and operators on Lease Status Sheet Send Notification Letter to all Lessees and Operators via certified mail Record day the letter was sent, day it was received, and 30 days from receipt date as the suspension application due date in Suspension Tracking

35.3. 2a. Accepting Suspension Applications

35.3.1. Record suspension information in Suspension Tracking Record application information in LARCS Request Stipulations from WGFD and SHPO

36. Processing Deposits

37. Work Flow

37.1. Receive Payment Batch Ddetails from royalty

37.1.1. Look through all paperwork for each check Write down lease number(s) or type of fee (assignment fee/application fee) or see attached for list for each check listed Post payments to LARCS

38. Bullet Work Flow

39. Mineral Leasing

40. Canned Letters

41. Prepare Inactive Lease File

42. Work Flow

43. Mineral Leasing

44. Edge

45. edge link

46. Workflow

46.1. Set aside rent card(s), Lease, and application

46.1.1. Put lease documents in chronological order Remove and do not file unimportant documents File any bonding correspondence in the appropriate company file


48. Google Drive: Bullet Form Workflow

49. Bond Acceptance 1

49.1. Processes

49.1.1. Individual Lease Bond Review Bond for acceptable Bond Type Review bond for key terms when applicable

49.1.2. Blanket Lease Bond Review bond for Acceptable Bond Type Review bond for key terms when Applicable

49.1.3. Performance Lease Bonds Review for acceptable Bond Type Ensure bond has been received before deadline

49.1.4. Frac Pit Bond Review Bond for Acceptable Bond Type Check bond amount against WOGCC form 14B

49.1.5. Idle Well Bond Review Bond for Acceptable Bond Type Check bond amount against shchedule of wells

49.2. Templates/Links

49.2.1. Acceptance Letter

49.2.2. LARCS

49.3. Cash Association Process (For all Cash Type bonds)

49.3.1. Step 1: Locate Bond Step 2a: Attach Payment Step 2b: Create Payment

50. Bonds