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New Mothers by Mind Map: New Mothers

1. Infant Vision

1.1. here, I will post the evolution of the baby vision every month until one year.

1.1.1. Graphic Design: which could explain the evolution of the baby vision easily

2. helping resources

2.1. this page will be a blog because may new mothers need other websites which can help them to get more and more information and picture or even videos.

2.1.1. Social Media: I will include a social media aspect to this page like Facebook or Instagram which are interested in the same Idea of this website.

2.1.2. QR Code: Will add a QR code here so people with a QR code reader can access the direct to some important websites.

3. feed

3.1. in this page I will post the important feed for every couple months in baby age under one year.

3.1.1. Photo Editing: I will use photo editing to some food photo in this page.

3.1.2. App Prototype: I like to design an app that could be used to help the mothers to organize the time of feed their baby.

4. movement and learning

4.1. in this page I will post the movement evaluation for the baby from the first month until 12 months

5. tips for new mothers

5.1. here are some tips which can give the mother's some information they may do not hear about it before.

5.1.1. Infographics : Infographics has a tip for a new mother or good information for them.

6. home

6.1. the home pages will give an interesting introduction to being a mother and about my website. also, it will have a simple explanation about every page.

6.1.1. Logo: I will include( new mothers) logo on all pages of my site

6.1.2. video: I will create a video or animation that will advance my site.

7. new mother needs a simple site to find the basic information they may need

8. contact

8.1. contact page will make a chance for the mothers to contact with me and ask questions, so if I see that question is good to post it on FAQ page I will do that

8.1.1. Google Form: I will create a Google Form that allows mothers to ask questions if they did not find their question

9. about

9.1. Screencast Presentation: I will create a screencast that will highlight main points of my site