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Globalization by Mind Map: Globalization

1. Semi-globalization

2. Non-governmental Organizations NGOs

2.1. Organizations

2.1.1. Enviromentalist Group

2.1.2. Human Rights

2.1.3. Activists

2.1.4. Consumer Groups

3. International Business

3.1. Doing Business Abroad

3.1.1. Liability of foreigness

3.2. Expatriate Manager

3.2.1. International Premium

3.3. Multinational Enterprise MNE

3.3.1. Foreign Direct Investment

4. Global Business

4.1. Emerging Economies

4.1.1. BRIC India Rusia China Brasil

4.1.2. Emerging Markets Group Domestic Group GDP Sum of value Purchasing Power Parity PPP Base of pyramide Triad

4.2. Institution- Based View

4.2.1. Institutions Institutional Framework Formal Institutions Informal Institutions