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Fandoms Freedom by Mind Map: Fandoms Freedom

1. Home

1.1. A welcome message that describes what this website is for and why its here. Something like, 'this is a place for people to come together, share stories, artwork, love for these other worlds that we get to escape to'.

1.1.1. logos

1.1.2. social media

2. Contact

2.1. Just a simple page that gives them a way to contact and talk to me if need be.

2.1.1. google form

2.1.2. QR codes

2.1.3. logos

2.1.4. app prototype

3. About

3.1. Go into more detail about why this website was created. Give examples of different fandoms that are more than welcome to share their life here.

3.1.1. infographics

3.1.2. logos

3.1.3. screencast

4. Stories

4.1. This page will be where people can write and share stories that they have written that revolves around the different fandoms.

4.1.1. logos

4.1.2. google form

5. Fanart

5.1. This page will allow others to put artwork of their favorite characters up for others to see and can talk about them. It doesn't need to be their own creation, but if it is someone else's work, we ask for them to give credit to where credit is do.

5.1.1. video or animations

5.1.2. logos

5.1.3. digital photo editing

6. Tagline: A place to share your love for other realities!