Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States

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Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States by Mind Map: Gaseous, Liquid and Solid States

1. New Topic

2. Matter

2.1. anything that has mass and occupies space

2.2. Solid

2.2.1. orderly arrangement, fixed position and strong attraction force

2.2.2. incompressible and do not flow

2.2.3. fixed shape and volume

2.2.4. highest density, less kinetic energy

2.2.5. cannot move freely, vibrate at their own position

2.3. Liquid

2.3.1. weaker force, packed in clusters, not orderly arrangment

2.3.2. can vibrate, rotate and move freely

2.3.3. fixed volume but no shape

2.3.4. average density and kinetic energy

2.3.5. incompressible but can flow

2.4. Gas

2.4.1. very far apart

2.4.2. no mass, no shape, negligible volume

2.4.3. negligible foa

2.4.4. vibrate, rotate and move anywhere

2.4.5. lowest density, highest kinetic energy

2.4.6. compressible and can flow

2.5. Latent heat of fusion - melting temperature

2.6. Latent heat of vaporisation - boiling temperature

2.7. Sublimation

2.7.1. Solid <-----> Gas Deposition

3. Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases

3.1. Collisions made by gas particles are all kinetic collision (no net loss of kinetic energy)

3.2. No f.o.a or repulsion between particles

3.3. Real gas deviates when temperature low, pressure is high (due to foa)

3.4. Real Gas Obeys

3.4.1. Gases consist of a large number of particles that are far apart

3.4.2. They move rapidly in all directions in a straight line.

3.4.3. The average kinetic energy of gas particles depends on the Absolute Temperature (Ta) of gas

3.5. Ideal Gas

3.6. Rate of Diffusion (spread out and mix, depends on)

3.6.1. speed of gas

3.6.2. size of particle

3.6.3. the foa of particles (non polar faster than polar)

3.6.4. effusion (to pass through a tiny opening)