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Get fit with me by Mind Map: Get fit with me

1. Gift shop

1.1. This page will include: Cool fit T-shirts and paintings for sale that are inspirational and motivational as well that a percentage goes to a donation.

1.1.1. App Prototype: I will create an app so that people can buy a T-shirt or a painting easily.

2. inspirational stories

2.1. This page will include stories of famous people that can inspire the viewers of my website to not give up and in believing in themselves

2.1.1. App Prototype: I want the app to be based on the viewers and more open so I want them after they buy a shirt they can submit a video telling their inspirational story to the world.

2.1.2. Video or Animations: I will be using this technology to upload videos and make animation videos that can inspire people

3. what we offer

3.1. this page will include: cooking tips on (how to eat better) and will also include Ideas on how to be an athletic person and how to keep going and become motivated

3.1.1. Video or Animations: I will upload videos of the cooking shows and workouts as well

4. Home

4.1. This page will include my main goal of this website and all the cool things it offers to drag viewers attention

4.1.1. Video or animation: I will include a video that illustrates my main goal of this website

4.1.2. Digital Photo Editing and Logos: I will create photos and the Logo as well to attract the viewers attention

4.1.3. screencast: I will upload a screencast of an introduction of my website and how to use the app to buy things and how to upload videos in the ( inspirational stories page).

5. contact me

5.1. this page will include my formal contact information and a picture of myself as well

5.1.1. Google Form: I will let the viewers submit a survey rates the website so that I could have a feedback and develop my website into better.

5.1.2. Social Media : I will include a social media website ( instagram) to follow me and have more of a (one-on-one) contact with me.

6. About

6.1. This page will be more about the importance of taking care of your health and the consequences of not.

6.1.1. Graphic Design and QR Codes: I will use the graphic design tech to make posters and flyers that has the idea of my mission towards this website.

6.1.2. infographic: I will add an infographic that shows data about bad health habits and their consequences.

7. GFWM tagline: "Be the best you can be"