Features of Famsa

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Features of Famsa by Mind Map: Features of Famsa

1. Login

1.1. Login Allows register user to access in their account so that they may access their carts wishlist and other if stored

2. Service request- allows you to put request for any service

2.1. Request For a phone call

2.2. Directly ask for any query/request

2.3. User can avail the service on his ordered product by providing needed details.

3. Billing and Payment Form

3.1. User can fill his billing and shipping address

3.2. Registered user can directly retrieve his stored details and continue with that.

3.3. User can Choose credit based and other payment also.

4. Search

4.1. Helps to Search out any product directly from the store

5. Cart

5.1. Checkout

5.1.1. Coupon Coupon facilitates you with certain discount.

5.1.2. Update Quantity of product you can again update or delete the products here

5.1.3. Choose delivary option

5.1.4. Choose payment Type Authorize.net Manual Payment

6. Social media integration

6.1. So many social sites has been connected to promote their product at those website also

7. Registration

7.1. Facilitates new user to open an account where he can keep his information and related stuff stored.

8. Apply for Famsa credit

8.1. Let you request for Famsa credits of its own CARD so that one can buy using it in future.

8.1.1. Need to feed all information like your credit card dtails etc.

9. Categorized based

9.1. Shows the Lists of various categories like.

9.1.1. Furniture Living Room Bedroom Driving Rooms Recliners Youth Coffee Table Entertainment Centers

9.1.2. Electronics TV Audio Home Theaters Bluray & DVD Player Digital Cameras Videos Cameras Accessories

9.1.3. Matresses Twin Size Full size Queen Size All categories provides more details and buy now options which redirects user to checkout and payment option . King size

9.1.4. Appliances Refrigerators Washers Dryers Rangers Microwaves Air Conditioners Small Appliances Accesories

9.1.5. Computer Laptop Tablets Desktop Printers Accesories

10. Find Location

10.1. Gives you the most nearest store from given location and various other attribute.

11. Product

11.1. Consist of various categories where we can surf for your products and add it to the cart

11.1.1. Detail page for the product.

11.2. Add to Cart

11.3. Add and Continue Shopping

11.4. More Details