Secrets of Victoria

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Secrets of Victoria by Mind Map: Secrets of  Victoria

1. Home

1.1. The Home page is get people to want to look further and catpure people's attention. I will explain my overall goal for my website.

1.1.1. Digital photo editing: I will use this to make my logo

2. Cafes and Shops

2.1. The Cafes and Shops page is to provide a list of the best places to visit in Victoria.

2.1.1. Info Graphics: I will use this to show the ratings of people's favorite shops. Destinations

2.1.2. Graphic Design: make posters or flyers of the cafes and shops

3. Beaches and Parks

3.1. The Beaches and Parks page is to provide a variety of outdoor places to visit in Victoria.

3.1.1. Google Forms: I will use this to do a poll on my viewers favorite spots

3.1.2. Video: I will make a video of all the beaches around Victoria to promote the City.

4. Contact

4.1. I will have an Instagram account to show the best places around Victoria and also for others to post their favorites to get more ideas. I will create the hashtag #myvictoria so people can contribute.

4.1.1. App: I wil create an Instagram account

4.2. App: I will create an app that provides the best places to go in Victoria, ratings, comments and suggestions.

5. About

5.1. In the About page I will talk a little about the History of Victoria and about the city. I will also talk a bit about myself and why I choose to create this site.

5.1.1. Screen cast presentation: I will use this to show how to navigate through my site