Level of Variable Measurements

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Level of Variable Measurements by Mind Map: Level of Variable Measurements

1. Nominal

1.1. Categorical variables

1.2. Two categories or more

1.3. Does not imply any order in the responses

1.4. Example: Gender, race, ethnic group, level of education

2. Ordinal

2.1. Attributes can be ordered-ranked

2.2. The interval between values is not interpretable in an ordinal measure

2.3. Example: Pain score, satisfaction level

3. Interval

3.1. The distance between attributes does have meanin

3.2. The interval between values is interpretable

3.3. Example: Range of temperature, age group

4. Ratio

4.1. There is always an absolute zero that is meaningful

4.2. Example: Weight, Height, age

5. Prepared by: Dr. Weam Banjar for SaudiDent.com

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