Google (including Google Docs and Apps)

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Google (including Google Docs and Apps) by Mind Map: Google (including Google Docs and Apps)

1. This is not only a great search tool.

2. You can use this to work on projects started an school or at home and continue from any computer by signing in and going to your project.

3. Students are able to work on assignments even if they are absent, provided they are not to ill to work.

3.1. This will give students less work to make up, if they were to access the work while out of school.

4. Helps eliminate paper waste, since not everything has to be printed to be handed in.

5. Less papers for students to hand in, which means less chance of the paper being lost or forgotten at home.

5.1. I am a huge fan of student work being completed and stored through technology. As a visionary leader, I see a completely paperless curriculum being implemented in school districts within a few short years. Z. VELYKIS

5.1.1. I do think that paperless is starting to creep into more an more schools without some people even recognizing it. The one thing that concerns me with that is... What happens if a student is not able to purchase a tablet that they would need for school use? Would this be something the school provides and the student would be responsible for? I guess all of the details would vary from district to district and even school to school. (C. Cruz)

6. Teacher response time is generally much faster because they can response live in many cases, rather than a few days due to having to go through several papers before returning them to students.

6.1. There is also less paperwork for the teacher to carry back and forth from school.

6.2. This is a great point! I have used these tools as a student during group work but you have really opened my eyes to their utility for teachers. I think the quick response would really help students as they edit and work through projects. - P. Bechaver

6.2.1. It is a great option. The teacher has the chance to grade the paper from anywhere they have access to the app so it makes it a lot easier to access. I believe there is also a way to mark things so you will know where you left off if you have to walk away and come back to it, if I remember correctly. (C. Cruz)

6.3. .

7. Learning and sharing using this platform seems like an unlimited source of input. Things are constantly changing and being updated.

7.1. As students work on projects together they can make suggestions and edits to improve the overall presentation.

8. Great way to get students that may otherwise be quiet and not very social to work with their classmates and build report with others.

9. Students and teachers can set up reminders for upcoming assignments.

10. Collaboration can take place at any time, night or day.

10.1. Can be done at the same time or edits can be made/ suggested by one and another can update/ agree to them at another time.

11. Personal Experience

11.1. I have only worked with Google Docs 1 time. I am definitely going to be looking into this tool more for school purposes.

11.1.1. We will be using Google Docs towards the end of this course! -Dr. Fritz Good to know. Thanks. Will you provide guidance with the use of this option, like you have with some of the other tools that we have used? (C. Cruz) Yes - we will use it for a learning experience to take notes collaboratively. - Dr. Fritz

11.2. The district that I am currently working with has recently started using this- so I may have the students work on a project using this to see how it goes.

11.3. I like to learn about new tools. Even though I have used this once, my experience is very limited. I do believe that it will be something that I use a lot in the future, and not only for school.

12. Students and teachers are able to make and see changes in real time.

13. Tutorials are available to help you learn more about the tools Google has to offer