The Power of the Pup

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The Power of the Pup by Mind Map: The Power of the Pup

1. About

1.1. This website will be about the adoption of dogs and how they have an affect on children if their families adopt a dog.

1.1.1. Digital Photo Editing and Logos: I will edit photos and post them on this page.

2. Home

2.1. The home page will give a quick overview on what the website is going to be like and to grab the viewers attention.

2.1.1. Goole forms: I could use google forms to provide information on this page.

3. Contact

3.1. The contact page will have the contact info to a pet adoption center.

3.1.1. Social Media: I could use social media for this page because it could provide info on the adoption center and how you can contact them.

4. Stories

4.1. This page will have different stories or videos on families that have adopted dogs for their children when they are still at a young age.

4.1.1. Video or animations: I will provide videos of families talking about their dogs that they rescued and how it has impacted their lifestyle.

5. What we Offer

5.1. This website will offer ways you can help rescue dogs and ways you can help improve families and make sure your child has a great childhood.

5.1.1. Inforgraphics: I can provide visual information on the types of stuff that this website offers to people.

6. Tagline: To show how dog have an impact and affect on children and their lives.