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Free to Worship by Mind Map: Free to Worship

1. About

1.1. Information about thee function and goals of this website.

1.1.1. Digital Photo Editing and Logos Module 5. An eye-catching logo that catches people's attention and gives them some information on the site. Screencast Presentation Module 12, to help give visitors a brief idea of what the website does.

2. Home Page

2.1. An area which gives access to all other areas of the site, as well as a brief overview of the function of the website.

2.1.1. Google Form Module 8. Survey asking visitors if they or anyone in their family has ever faced religious persecution. Graphic Design and QR codes Module 6. QR codes on business cards that connect people to home page of site.

3. How you can help

3.1. Information on crowd funding opportunities to "Adopt a family" into a church, synagogue, mosque, etc. Also possibly opportunities to volunteer for lawyers and consultants to help advise victims on their options in this predicament.

3.1.1. Video or Animations Module 9. Animation showing visitors how they can help.

4. History of Issue

4.1. On this page I would like to provide a brief history on the issue throughout the world and shed light on the context of the issue and its growing relevance in today's society.

4.1.1. Infographics Module 7. Use info graphics to help illustrate the history and affects of this type of discrimination.

5. Resources for the persecuted

5.1. On this page, I would like to provide resources for victims. Some examples of this might be information about access to lawyers and politicians to work with them on their issues(if living in civilized world), or information about seeking asylum in areas of the world with greater religious freedom .

5.1.1. App prototype Module 10. An app that ideally helps direct those persecuted on their options and the resources available to them.

6. Stories

6.1. This section will house anecdotes and stories of those who have faced and hopefully persevered through these oppressive conditions.

6.1.1. Social Media Module 11. Blog for people to share their respective stories and struggles. Also an area for people to reach out to others in their religious community for support

7. Tag line: Helping humans to have the right to worship "who they choose" and "however they choose". (Without of course impeding on the rights and liberties of others)