Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning by Mind Map: Gutter Cleaning

1. Equipment Selection

1.1. Bucket

1.1.1. 1 per man

1.1.2. with a rope attached for raising and lowering

1.2. Scoop

1.2.1. Choose the fastest method Hand Cleaning garden spade gutter spoon

1.3. Ladder

1.3.1. Select the appropriate sized ladders for the height of the building 16' for single Story 24' or 28' for 2 and 3 story

1.3.2. Attach the Ladder Stand-Off at the top rung of the ladder hook the u-bolts over the beam so that the lower arm of the u-bolt is under the top rung so that the stand off will not slide off the tip of the ladder

1.3.3. When setting the ladder for cleaning Angle the ladder against the roof so that the standoff is touching the shingles firmly to provide the most support The angle of the ladder should be approx 60-70 degreed The best way to determine ladder angle

1.4. Water Hose

1.4.1. Use the 100' section of waterhose.

1.4.2. Attach the water hose to the spigot Ensure water flow prior to hook up

1.4.3. Ensure there is enough hose to reach all guttering If additional reach is needed, first look for a second water hook up No second hood up-attach to the residents hose to extend your reach

1.4.4. Ensure the brass nozzle is attached for flushing

1.4.5. Turn on water

1.5. Gloves

1.5.1. Ensure you have intact gloves for cleaning out gutters

1.6. Large Garbage Can

1.6.1. For emptying gutter debris Empty the bucket debris into the cans once full.

1.6.2. Tarps multiple tarps to empty gutter debris onto if needed once can is full

2. Debris Removal

2.1. Always Start with the highest gutters first

2.1.1. these will typically be dormer gutters or second story gutters those upper gutters will often drain into a lower section of guttering it is important to clean high to low to limit the redundancy of cleaning sections multiple times

2.1.2. If there is a dormer section of guttering that can not be reached from the ladder use the extendable pole Extend the pole on the ground and take to the top of the ladder use the tip of the pole to pull debris to you You can also use the tip of the pole to push debris out the back drainage hole on dormer gutters if applicable. Once debris is within reach hand clean like normal Flush upper section of guttering

2.2. Typically you will start at a downspout and clean to the end of that section of guttering

2.2.1. If on your first climb you can see that that section only requires flushing move ladder to the end of that section and flush to the downspout

2.2.2. If the section of guttering requires cleaning before flushing, clean from the downspout to the opposite end of that section of gutter then flush to the downspout

2.3. Take bucket and water hose to the top of the ladder

2.3.1. If the gutters can be flushed without the need for hand cleaning move the ladder to the end of the section and flush to the downspout

2.3.2. If the guttering needs to be cleaned before you can flush them only take the water hose once you've reached the end of the gutter section

2.3.3. wrap the rope around the beam of the ladder at the top to secure the bucket while you clean the gutters out and put debris into the bucket

2.4. Hand clean all guttering

2.4.1. Remove as much debris as possible by hand to prevent as much buildup as possible when flushing

2.5. Place debris into the buckets until full

2.6. lower bucket to the ground with the rope

2.7. Empty bucket into garbage can

2.8. Repeat until all guttering is cleared

3. Gutter Flush

3.1. Once the gutters are cleaned out, flush them with the waterhose all the way to the down spout

3.2. Flush the downspout to ensure adequate flow and no blockages

4. Downspout Clearing

4.1. First Option

4.1.1. Use the straight stream to try to flush debris through the down spout

4.2. Second Option

4.2.1. Remove the nozzle from the hose and push the hose into the down spout to push out any debris

4.3. Third Option

4.3.1. Tap the angles of the gutter to knock loose any debris

4.4. Fourth Option (last resort)

4.4.1. Remove the rivets from the elbows and flush out any debris remaining Replace the elbows with screws

5. Pictures and Video

5.1. Ensure that you are taking before and after pictures of the gutters

5.2. If performing a Premium GC

5.2.1. Take before and after pictures of cleaning

5.2.2. Take pictures of gutter hangers Take additional pictures of any loose or damaged hangers

5.2.3. Take pictures of the general condition of gutters any sections that are loose or sagging any sections with mold or moss growing on them any downspouts that are loose If no damage noted, take a picture of intact guttering

5.2.4. Take pictures of any standing water in the gutter after cleaning to show a bad drop angle

5.2.5. Take pictures of the intact or missing rivets attaching the downspout to the guttering

5.2.6. Also take pictures If you notice any damage or missing shingles on the roof while on the ladder.

6. Start of Job

6.1. Ensure you are wearing clearly identifiable Uniform

6.2. Knock on door and ring door bell

6.2.1. Stand at least 3 steps back from the doorway even if you have to stand on the steps or completely off the porch People can be intimidated by unknown people standing to closely to the door

6.3. Introduce yourself to the homeowner

6.4. Ask if the homeowner has any questions prior to you starting the job

6.5. Walk the perimeter of the property to see all the guttering and determine equipment needs

6.5.1. Size of ladder

6.5.2. Location of water hookups

6.5.3. Need for the extendable pole to reach dormer guttering

6.5.4. Determine the pitch of the roof How many inches does it go up for every 12 inches if goes back Typically described as an 8/12 or 10/12 pitch If pitch is 8/12 or less determine if it is safe to walk the roof while cleaing NEVER walk a roof greater than 8/12 it is to steep If the pitch is adequate to walk, determine if there is any moss on the roof If the pitch is to steep to walk You will have to clean from the ladder

6.6. Review the job details

6.6.1. If a premium GC Hand cleaning of all guttering Off site debris disposal 7 point gutter inspection General condition of the gutters Gutter flow Gutter Drop Angle Down spout conditon Rivets Gutter Hangers Downspout Water Flow Before and after pictures With a follow up report of their gutter system Removal of reachable roof debris Inform homeowner that we do not perform any repair work due to our insurance however we will show them pics and details of any deficiencies Forced Water gutter flush

6.6.2. If a basic GC Hand cleaning of guttering Off site debris disposal not leaving it in the yard or garbage cans Forced Water gutter flush

7. End of Job

7.1. Rinse any equipment that was dirtied during cleaning

7.2. remove the ladder stand off

7.2.1. Place the stand off back in the truck and the u bolts back in the gutter box

7.2.2. Replace ladder and properly secure to the ladder rack with ratchet straps

7.3. Gather up buckets and garbage cans and place neatly in the truck

7.4. disconnect the water hose and allow it to drain downhill if possible.

7.4.1. lay the hose in half with both ends facing a down hill direction to assist with draining

7.4.2. Once hose has drained coil it up with the under over coil to limit kinking on the next deployment

7.4.3. Place the nozzle back in the gutter box

7.5. secure the extendable pole back on the truck