Tornese's Italian Cuisine

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Tornese's Italian Cuisine by Mind Map: Tornese's Italian Cuisine

1. Home

1.1. Home page will have our name and pictures of the restaurant and food.

1.1.1. Logo: word graphic of name, will be on corner of each page of site

1.1.2. QR Code: Can be used to access the website easier

2. About Tornese's

2.1. Bio of the family and why and how we started the business.

2.1.1. Video: Family introducing themselves and saying mangia mangia!

3. Menu

3.1. Menu of food and drink selections

3.1.1. Infographic of menu: food, drink, dessert

4. Customer Reviews

4.1. Live customer reviews

5. Locations/Contact Us

5.1. List of locations with contact info

5.1.1. Social Media: link to like a Facebook page

5.1.2. App Prototype: Will have all of the info that the website does, plus promos and coupons only for those who download the app

6. Join Our Email List

6.1. Survey for people to enter info to be on the email list for coupons, promos, ect.

6.1.1. Google Form: people to add name, email, birthday to be added to list

7. Slogan: Everyone's favorite family. Everyone's favorite restauraunt.