King David

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King David by Mind Map: King David

1. Anointed king of Judah

1.1. Kills man who admitted to killing Saul

1.2. Sends gratitude to Jabesh-gilead for burying Saul

1.3. Brings family and followers to Judah

1.4. Leadership: displays morals and values (showing transparency of his beliefs)

2. Strengthens his bond with the Lord

2.1. Brings the ark of God to Jerusalum

2.1.1. Listens to Nathan the prophet and builds the Lord a house

2.2. Undefeated and expands his kingdom

2.2.1. King David defeats the Philistines, Moabites, Hadadezer of Syrians, and Amnonites

2.2.2. Administers equity and justice to all of his people

2.2.3. Shows kindness to Mephibosheth, Saul's grandson, and allows him to be master of all of Saul's land.

2.3. Blessed with many sons and daughters

2.3.1. All his sons were priests.

2.4. Leadership: Listens to others and takes action to correct himself, and demonstrates to his people his ability to put down his enemies but also show compassion to spare their lives and to be his servants

3. Bathsheba

3.1. Takes Uriah the Hetite's wife

3.1.1. impregnates her

3.1.2. Uriah serves him in the army loyal to David

3.2. Uriah is murdered.

3.2.1. David set this up with Joab

3.2.2. Bathsheba marries David and bears a son

3.3. Repents his sin.

3.3.1. Listens to Nathan the prophet with the Lord's message

3.3.2. The son from his sin dies, and he is blessed with Jedidiah

3.4. Leadership: Displays his weakness for other men's women, methodical in his planning of Uriah's death, and accepts responsibility

4. Anointed king of Isreal

4.1. Unifies with Abner, servant of Ish-bosheth

4.1.1. Tells his people the death of Abner were by the hands of Joab and the house of Zeruiah not him

4.1.2. Publicly mourns at Abner's burial

4.2. Punishes Rechab & Baanah for the murder of Ish-bosheth

4.2.1. buries Ish-bosheth's head by Abner

4.3. Defeated Philistines

4.4. Leadership: consistent with morals and values of not murdering a man of the Lord, demonstrates strength in delivering peace and unity to his people and kingdom, shows great need (weakness) for women (even if they are already married)

5. Absalom

5.1. Kills his brother, Amnon

5.1.1. Amnon rapes Tamara, sister

5.1.2. Commanded servant to murder Amnon

5.1.3. Seeks refuge in Geshure

5.2. Forgiven

5.2.1. Listens to his servant's advice

5.2.2. Absolom returns to Jersalum but is directed to never see his father

5.2.3. After 2 years, King David kisses him and grants forgiveness

5.3. Leadership: demonstrates forgiveness and love