Consumerism and Commercialisation in US-American sports

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Consumerism and Commercialisation in US-American sports by Mind Map: Consumerism and Commercialisation in US-American sports

1. sponsorship

1.1. tobacco & alcohol ads are mostly banned

1.2. raises sales of a company (additional income)

1.3. more television time without commercial break

1.4. different kinds of sponsorship

1.4.1. event specific

1.4.2. individual specific

1.4.3. team specific

1.4.4. competition specific

1.4.5. ground specific

1.4.6. coaching scheme specific

1.5. more awareness for event itself

2. sports betting

2.1. increased spectating

2.2. influencing outcomes of scores/ focus rather on scores than match itself

2.3. encourages gambling

3. spectatorship

3.1. different positions

3.1.1. critical (opposing)

3.1.2. consensual (fan culture)

3.2. different experiences

3.2.1. live event/stadium

3.2.2. television/radio/live stream

3.2.3. replay/newspapers

3.3. different definitions

3.3.1. "anyone who views a sporting event, either in situ or through visual media such as film or television"

3.3.2. "(fans are) emotionally committed 'consumers' of sports events"

3.3.3. "(fans who) follow sports in the newspapers and magazines or on the radio (are similar to people who experience a sports event 'fully' and those whose experience is partial)"

4. industry

4.1. equipment

4.1.1. clothing, other sports-related products

4.2. merchandising

4.2.1. apparel, sponsorship, endorsement

4.3. services/other personell

4.3.1. medical care, trainers, officials

5. Super Bowl as biggest US-event

5.1. high costs for advertising (30-second Super Bowl ad for $5 million in 2015)

5.2. almost national holiday

5.2.1. anthem is sung at the beginning

5.3. half-time show

5.3.1. pay-to-play plan other deals (Katy Perry & Bruno Mars): artists play for free

5.4. viewership (global broadcasting)

5.4.1. US (est.avg. 2015) 114.5 million

5.4.2. internationally (est.avg. 2015) 168 million

5.5. ticket prices in 2015: $8,000 by January 29

5.6. most consumed food (other industries profit from Super Bowl)

5.7. long tradition (since 1967)