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State of Reasoning Research in Rudiverse by Mind Map: State of Reasoning Research in Rudiverse
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State of Reasoning Research in Rudiverse

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Where do we actually need reasoning??? Is it really completely useless?

Is the combination of retrieval and reasoning the future?

Do we need completely new kinds of reasoning?

Application Areas

"Case Worker System"

Simply reasoning for materialization in databases

Narrow, specific problems e.g. in Chemistry (*not* web scale)

Concretely: Reasoning in SMW for IT service management

Tensions and tradeoffs

Pick your formalism for your problem

Reasoning to support ontology development

Applied Reasoning Research

Research Areas

Stream Reasoning

Inremental Materialization

Analog Reasoning

Abductive Reasoning

Epistemic Reasoning

Temporal Reasoning

Approximate Reasoning for large scale data

Paralell and distributed Computation Techniques for Ontology Reasoning

? CSP also belongs under reasoning and has many application areas (and DL is more general than CSP)

Modularization of Ontologies

Wishes & Ideas & Observations

Collaboration between "traditional" and temporal reasoning people

Linked Data vs. OWL people


Many have doubts but we are not hopeless

We have applications

Spectrum of formalisms and reasoners

Thinks we want convey: