State of Reasoning Research in Rudiverse

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State of Reasoning Research in Rudiverse by Mind Map: State of Reasoning Research in Rudiverse

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2. Application Areas

2.1. "Case Worker System"

2.2. Simply reasoning for materialization in databases

2.3. Narrow, specific problems e.g. in Chemistry (*not* web scale)

2.4. Concretely: Reasoning in SMW for IT service management

2.5. Tensions and tradeoffs

2.5.1. For one application we can create a specific well suited reasoning - but this usually still has to be created

2.5.2. For OWL we have a lot of tooling, but often this does not match to a domain of interest

2.5.3. Language complexity vs. scalability vs. correctness and completeness

2.5.4. Language complexity vs. understandability

2.6. Pick your formalism for your problem

2.6.1. which kind of reasoning for which problem / application

2.7. Reasoning to support ontology development

2.7.1. non-standard reasoning tasks

2.8. Applied Reasoning Research

2.8.1. OWL for image recognition

2.8.2. Reasoning for ontology revision

3. Research Areas

3.1. Stream Reasoning

3.2. Inremental Materialization

3.3. Analog Reasoning

3.4. Abductive Reasoning

3.5. Epistemic Reasoning

3.6. Temporal Reasoning

3.7. Approximate Reasoning for large scale data

3.8. Paralell and distributed Computation Techniques for Ontology Reasoning

3.9. ? CSP also belongs under reasoning and has many application areas (and DL is more general than CSP)

3.10. Modularization of Ontologies

4. Motivation

4.1. Where do we actually need reasoning??? Is it really completely useless?

4.1.1. The added value is to small to justify complexity and loss of speed

4.1.2. Reasoning research really not motivated from application areas!

4.2. Is the combination of retrieval and reasoning the future?

4.3. Do we need completely new kinds of reasoning?

5. Wishes & Ideas & Observations

5.1. Collaboration between "traditional" and temporal reasoning people

5.2. Linked Data vs. OWL people

5.2.1. How do we bridge this gap?

5.2.2. OWL profiles one way to bridge this gap

6. Summary

6.1. Many have doubts but we are not hopeless

6.2. We have applications

6.2.1. Business Rules

6.2.2. CSP

6.2.3. Ontoprise is still living and apparently thriving

6.2.4. but for some reason we are too far from that?

6.3. Spectrum of formalisms and reasoners

6.3.1. Complexity, Understandability, Completeness & Correctness, Scalability

6.3.2. Where are the experts for understanding the application of reasoners to specific problems?

6.4. Thinks we want convey:

6.4.1. We need to discuss reasoning for linked data We will OWL YOU!

6.4.2. Studienarbeit: Application areas for reasoning?

6.4.3. Many Research areas