AN2S - L'ensenyament de l'anglès a l'educació secundària II

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AN2S - L'ensenyament de l'anglès a l'educació secundària II by Mind Map: AN2S - L'ensenyament de l'anglès a l'educació secundària II

1. Module 1

1.1. Introduction to Digital Competence in the curriculum.

1.1.1. Competències Bàsiques de l'àmbit digital

1.1.2. What is your digital footprint?

1.2. Cyber Wellness: Nurturing responsible students with Digital Identity and Citizenship

1.2.1. Steps towards Cyber Wellness Think before you Post

2. Module 3

2.1. Empowering Students learning with Digital Portfolios.

2.1.1. What is a portfolio?

2.1.2. How do you create a portfolio?

2.2. Google Sites.

2.2.1. What digital tools can you use to make a digital portfolio?

2.2.2. Google Sites as a portfolio

3. Module 5

3.1. Digital Storytelling to Unleash Students' Creativity.

3.1.1. Educational uses of storytelling

3.1.2. Engaging learners through storytelling

3.2. 7 steps of good storytelling

3.2.1. Recommended webtools for digital storytelling

3.2.2. Digital storytelling apps

4. Module 2

4.1. PLN and MOOCs: Learning with Social Media.

4.1.1. Popular MOOC courses

4.2. PLNs in Education

4.2.1. Learning networks

4.2.2. Handy tools and resources to build your PLN

5. Module 4

5.1. M-learning. Communicate on the go with must-have apps.

5.1.1. Mobile learning: concept and implications

5.1.2. Ideas for using smartphones in the classroom. Mobile apps for learning

6. Module 6

6.1. Visual Knowledge Representation.

6.1.1. Introduction to visual communication

6.1.2. Images and fair use

6.2. Course Round-up and Evaluation

6.2.1. Mind maps and Canvas

6.2.2. Infographics