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Safe Spaces by Mind Map: Safe Spaces

1. Donations

1.1. This provides an available link to do online donations to refugee centers for victims of domestic violence/a phone number to call specifically for over=the-phone donations

1.1.1. Google form will be used here to collect information needed to make a successful online donation possible

2. Locations

2.1. An individual can put in either their zip code/city/state in which they are residing in and a list of street addresses to the refugee centers will be provided

2.1.1. An infographic will be used here to show general idea of location/appearence of Safe Spaces refugee center

2.1.2. A QR code will be in place here. For mobile users, this allows the app to track the location to provide a list of nearby safe spaces

2.1.3. This is where the app prototype will be in place for the mobile app for safe spaces

3. Contact

3.1. In addition to the phone number to our personal refugee space, there will also be a provided list of phone numbers that are hotlines for domestic violence victims.

4. Survivor Stories

4.1. There will be a series of videos/interviews of domestic violence speakers sharing their personal stories/experiences with domestic violence

4.1.1. There will be a link to a blog here that has interviews speaking with survivors of domestic violence. There will be both written/multimedia documentation on this blog speaking out upon domestic violence

5. About

5.1. More in depth explanation on safe spaces, including the history, provided services(amenities/protection) date of establishment, why it was created, along with the staff that makes up safe spaces

5.1.1. A promo video to further explain what Safe Spaces is and its relevance

6. Home

6.1. Brief explanation of what Safe Spaces is

6.1.1. Logo for the site will be on this page

6.1.2. Screencast presentation to give an overview on how to navigate the site/what safe spaces is