New York City

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New York City by Mind Map: New York City

1. Home

1.1. Our website offers reviews and suggestions on the best restaurants and tourist attractions in the big apple.

1.1.1. Video or animations The video/animations will introduce New York city and give a little introduction to what will be on our site.

1.1.2. Screencast Presentation This will highlight what visitors need to know about our website

2. About

2.1. The about will give background into the founders of the website and why it was started.

2.1.1. Infographics This will quickly and effectively introduce the founders and give background information through videos.

3. Contact

3.1. This will allow visitors to be able to contact the places they want to go, such as restaurants, shops, etc.

3.1.1. Graphic Design and QR codes This will provide the business cards, Facebook pages or any other way to get in touch with the people and places we provide information on.

4. What We Offer

4.1. This will have all of the recommendations of places to visit in New York City.

4.1.1. Digital photo editing and logos. This will give photos of the places that we recommend to give readers a better idea of where they're going.

5. How You Can Help

5.1. This is where people can put in their own recommendations of places they enjoyed visiting while in New York City and their own reviews on places we have suggested.

5.1.1. Google Form This makes it easier for people to give their own opinions and recommendations.

6. Reviews

6.1. This is where there will be professional reviews on the places recommended on the website.

6.1.1. Social Media This will give access to the critics.

6.1.2. App prototype This will make it easier to get around to the reviews and other important information about the places we recommend.