Sun Devil Marching Band

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Sun Devil Marching Band by Mind Map: Sun Devil Marching Band

1. Home

1.1. The home page for the SDMB will have a welcome message, as well as other basic information about the website. This will pull the reader in, and encourage them to explore the rest of the site.

1.1.1. Video Project: I want a short video on this page showing the band at band camp, practicing, and performing

1.1.2. Logo: The 100th Year Logo for the SDMB will be on the home page.

2. About

2.1. This page will contain the history of the SDMB over the past 100 years, as the 2015-16 school year marked the centennial edition of the band

2.1.1. The evolution of the ASU Pregame Performance

2.1.2. Current band information, including members, sections, sponsors, etc.

2.1.3. Most recent halftime shows, and the songs played in these shows

2.1.4. Traditions, different fight songs, and Sun Devil Pride

2.1.5. Video: For a YouTube video of the SDMB Pass-In-Review performance for 2015

2.1.6. App: This will give an animation for the ASU pregame show, as well as list off songs that the band will be playing at a specific sporting event.

3. Staff Information

3.1. Here, I will list a history of past ASU band directors, as well as a short biography.

3.1.1. Infographics:: Also listed here will be current miscellaneous band staff members.

4. Contact

4.1. This page will have an email form, where people can email staff from the ASU SDMB, and gain more information from the people that run the band.

4.1.1. Information for the Director of Athletic Bands, Mr. James Hudson

4.1.2. Band Office information, as well as office hours

4.1.3. Google Form, with a weekly trivia and/or survey question

4.1.4. QR Code:: Directed to the SDMB page on the ASU website.

4.1.5. Social Media: Connect to the "Sun Devil Marching Band Fans" Facebook page

5. Pep Band

5.1. The ASU Spring Pep Band

5.1.1. Basketball Band, which plays for the NCAA Men's and Women's games in Wells Fargo Arena

5.1.2. Volleyball Band, which plays for the NCAA Women's games in Wells Fargo Arena.

5.1.3. Hockey Band, which plays for the NCAA Men's hockey team in Gila River Arena.

6. Special Performances

6.1. This page will detail special performances of the SDMB, including both Super Bowl performances, and NCAA bowl game appearances.

6.1.1. 2007 Super Bowl, 2015 Super Bowl

6.1.2. Cactus Bowl 2016, El Paso 2015, Sun Bowl 2014, Holiday Bowl 2013

7. Tagline for the SDMB: Expect Great Things