The Future of Education is Bright

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The Future of Education is Bright by Mind Map: The Future of Education is Bright

1. It will be the place for users to find my phone number and email, as well as to send any questions they have

1.1. Google forms: will be used to collect the information and questions of users

1.2. App: link to download app

1.3. Social media: will be liked here and used to advertise site and events

2. Home

2.1. Will be a mini review of the site and attention grabber

2.1.1. Screencast will be available as a tutorial for users To navigate site

3. About

3.1. The mission of the future is bright.

3.1.1. Info graphic to quickly summarize the page

3.1.2. Logo: here will be placed a meaningful connection between the mission and the logo

4. Events

4.1. List of events that showcase and support education

4.1.1. Graphic design will be used to create flyers to advertise the events

5. Why Teach

5.1. Testimonies and statistics on why you should teach

5.1.1. More videos

6. Brightness

6.1. All the great things already happening in the state. Almost like a spotlight type of page

6.1.1. Videos used to show interviews and projects

7. Contact

8. Tagline: there's power in teaching