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Younique by Mind Map: Younique

1. Products

1.1. This page of the site will show various makeup sets that can be purchased through the company.

1.1.1. Screencast: This part of the site will contain a screencast detailing how a potential customer can purchase the items listed on this webpage.

1.1.2. Google Form: The page will also feature a general survey that customers can fill out to help the company design new products.

2. Updates

2.1. This part of the site will be a blog in which a Younique client will post video updates explaining and advertising the latest products from the company.

2.1.1. Video or Animation: This page will feature edited videos explaining how to apply various Younique products.

2.1.2. Social Media: This page will also act as a blog where Younique clients will give general updates about upcoming products within the company.

3. About

3.1. The about page will detail the history of the company and give an overview of what the purpose of the company is.

3.1.1. Info Graphic: This part of the site will contain an info graphic detailing the founding of the company.

4. Links/Contact

4.1. The links/contact page will include social media and business links associated with the company.

4.1.1. Social Media: This page will contain links to the business site and the facebook pages of various Younique employers that potential customers can contact for further information on any product.

4.1.2. App: A downloadable App will be available on this part of the site, which would notify customers on any upcoming deals or specials within the company.

5. Home

5.1. The home page of the site will include a welcome to the site including a brief overview of what Younique is and what they offer

5.1.1. Video or Animation: The home page will include a promo video welcoming the viewer to the site.

5.1.2. Digital Photo Editing and Logo: The page will also contain the Younique logo next to the tagline

5.1.3. Graphic Design: The home page will include a Canva designed flyer that can be printed and passed out.

6. Tagline: Uplifting, Empowering, and Validating Women Everywhere