Reem Alenazi

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Reem Alenazi by Mind Map: Reem Alenazi

1. Assignments

1.1. I will post the homework for my students

1.1.1. I will use Graphic Design and QR Codes,

2. Home

2.1. the home page includs infromation about me and the subject I teach.

2.1.1. Logo: i will put information about me such as where I studied, skills that I have, and about my family.

2.1.2. photo editing: will post some photo of my kids.

3. contact

3.1. that will include my e mail, face book, and my office hours.

3.1.1. i will use social medai' face book'

4. syllabus and classroom ruls.

4.1. it will contain the my class calendar and data about attendance, grading.

4.1.1. i will use Google Form .infographic

5. classroom's lessons

5.1. I will download the lessons s that I will teach with explanation.

5.1.1. I will use Video or Animations,Screencast Presentation

6. Extra lessons

6.1. I will put more exrsises . for students who need more practice.

6.1.1. I will use App Prototype

7. Tag line: help my sudents to improve their english and understand the materials that i gave in class.