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Why Sports by Mind Map: Why Sports

1. About page

1.1. This page will provide more information about why sports are fundamental to the maturation experience. This page will also provide the founders name, goal, and a search engine for leagues in the viewers township.

1.1.1. There will be a QR code to get you to the search engine.

1.1.2. There will also be a google form survey at the end of this page to get viewer feedback

2. Basketball

2.1. Basketball is a 5 on 5 sport where children are pushed physically and mentally between a ball and a hoop. This is another sport where the skills needed are easily taught and practiced. Leagues begin at ages as low as 6 years old and there are many camps where children can learn and hone their skills.

2.1.1. Infographic

3. Hockey

3.1. Hockey is an intense skating intensive sport. It revolves around one's ability to shoot, pass, maneuver the ice, and one's knowledge of the game. This is a sport that takes years to master so I recommend starting your child in it at a young age

3.1.1. Infographic

4. Additional sports.

4.1. On this page I will give information about less popular sports including volley ball, golf, tennis, cheerleading, rugby, and horseback riding. This will be a thorough page so parents have a strong opinion before enlisting their child in a sport.

5. Football is a sport that can scare parents due to its physical reputation but it can be the ultimate team sport. Children naturally bond with there teammates where they can make life long friends. Leagues begin at a younger age for flag football and that might be a better starting spot if you are scared about your child's safety.

5.1. Infographic

6. This is a website documenting the pros and cons for getting your child into a specific youth sport. In here you will find ideas, techniques, and opportunities for your child to grow as a person.

6.1. Logo which will be prominently placed in the middle of the page and carry over to all the subsequent pages.

6.2. This page will also have a promo video encouraging parents to enroll their children in youth sports

6.3. There will be an app to help find specific leagues in your area. There will also be a screencast on how to work the app

6.4. We will have a facebook page so customers can get our attention directy

7. Baseball

7.1. Baseball is a sport that teaches fundamental team skills, along with social skills and problem solving. Children will learn how to work as part of a system along with challenges ending in individual success. There are leagues for children of all ages; going as low as 3 year old t-ball leagues.

7.1.1. Infograpic

8. Home

9. Soccer

9.1. Soccer is a team sport that has boys and girls leagues for virtually all ages. As a beginner the skills necessary are innate and easily coached so one could start at any age. Along with the sport being easily grasped, teams are large and a friendly atmosphere is around each league.

9.1.1. Infographic

10. Football