Mi'cile Events

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Mi'cile Events by Mind Map: Mi'cile Events

1. Gallery

1.1. This page will contain photos of previous events to give the customer some visuals.

1.1.1. Social Media: This link will connect to Pintrest, Instagram and Tumblr.

2. What we offer

2.1. This page will give an in-depth description of the service provided by this company.

2.1.1. Google form: This will allow customers to submit a registration form.

3. About

3.1. The About page will provide more information on what kind of events we do. It will also include the number of successful events.

3.1.1. Social Media: This site will have a direct link to the instagram page.

4. Home

4.1. The Home page will provide a brief description of what we offer. It will show a few pictures of previous events.

4.1.1. Infographics: This will allow customers to see a brief clip of what we offer.

4.2. Logo

5. Our Story

5.1. The Our story page will give a brief description on how the company started.

5.1.1. Digital photo editing and logos: I will provide a group portrait of all of the event planners.

6. Contact Us

6.1. The Contact page will include numbers and emails for each of the event planners.

6.1.1. Social Media: A list of emails, instagrams, and numbers will be listed.