Group 1 Team Charter. Purpose: Develop common expectations for how we will collaborate to create...

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Group 1 Team Charter. Purpose: Develop common expectations for how we will collaborate to create our healthcare intervention mindmap by Mind Map: Group 1 Team Charter. Purpose: Develop common expectations for how we will collaborate to  create our healthcare intervention mindmap

1. Team Members

1.1. Kim Cobler

1.1.1. Scrum Master/Program Manager in Health Information systems.

1.1.2. Skills: Software development, healthcare information, healthcare data analysis, lean six sigma, leadership, agile, scrum master, product owner, program and project management

1.1.3. [email protected], 801-859-9095

1.1.4. Healthcare Innovation: Improving the Pre-care process

1.2. Lindsay Longtine

1.2.1. Job: Human Resource Director

1.2.2. Skills: Leadership, Management, flexibility, ACA, benefit and insurance specialist, empowering and educating employees in the workforce

1.2.3. Healthcare Intervention: streamlining training and education in the healthcare field to ensure that staff at all levels are education, but also to reduce costs and eliminate wasteful trainings

1.2.4. Contact: 715-558-0048 [email protected] Central Time Zone

1.3. Brenda Yazzie

1.3.1. Job: Registered Nurse, Utilization Review

1.3.2. Skills: Medicare & Medicaid Physical & Behavioral Health Utilization Review, discharge planning/care coordination - balancing care and cost

1.3.3. Healthcare Intervention: Model of behavior change - creating wellness, preventing disease

1.3.4. Contact: 520-427-2373 [email protected]

1.4. Angela Tilley

1.4.1. Job: Healthcare insurance benefit advisor.

1.4.2. Skills: ACA, insurance medical, dental, vision, life

1.4.3. Healthcare Intervention: Government control of profit margin on pharmaceutical drugs.

1.4.4. Contact: 509-590-7863 [email protected]

1.5. Joshua Rutkoff

1.5.1. Job: Healthcare union organizer

1.5.2. Skills: leading change; empowering frontline workers; design thinking

1.5.3. Healthcare Intervention: achieving equity in healthcare outcomes

1.5.4. contact: 213-494-6501; [email protected]

2. Special Skills

3. What are we trying to accomplish

3.1. Achieve the task set before us in a organized, professional manner while utilizing the skills and education we have gained throughout the course.

3.2. Work as a team to utilize each others best talents and resources.

3.3. Create Week 5 mindmap on a healthcare intervention

4. What is our schedule?

4.1. Deliverables

4.1.1. Call scheduled at 7:00 PM Arizona time for Week 5 project

4.2. Schedule a follow-up conference call the day before submission for any outstanding questions/clean-up

4.3. Meet at beginning of week to discuss project

5. Who is responsible for what

5.1. Ask group what parts they would like to be responsible for

5.2. If not all group members respond, divide what is left among the other group members.

5.3. Josh & Angela

5.3.1. Draft Executive Summary

5.4. Brenda, Lindsay, Kim

5.4.1. Lead on creating Mindmap

6. If someone does not complete their part

6.1. Approach the individual in an objective way

6.1.1. Ask why they have not completed their part

6.1.2. Assess if their part is suited for them If there is another part that is better suited, assign to that person.

6.2. If the individual doesn't respond after 2 attempts, divide the portion out among the rest of the team and contact the instructor, asking them to reach out.

7. Team Decision-Making Process

7.1. Submit ideas to general workspace

7.1.1. Present a deadline for changes or edits

7.1.2. Be positive and accepting of new ideas

7.2. Analyze the positives and negatives of the suggestion. Try to incorporate all angles of thinking

7.3. Make the best decision based off presented positives and negatives

7.4. Implement decision, but follow up by ensuring that the outcome is what the group is trying to achieve.

7.5. Consensus decision-making