Question 6; Technology Overview

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Question 6; Technology Overview by Mind Map: Question 6; Technology Overview

1. Also learnt to cut clips with the razor tool and how to render clips after editing. Plus, we was able to add recorded sound straight on to Premiere Pro.

2. What i knew and learnt

2.1. I had limited knowledge before i started my production

2.2. with camera work i learnt how to shoot different shots and angles with the camera

2.2.1. Name

2.2.2. Office hours

2.2.3. Contact

2.3. I also learnt how to use manual and automatic focus and in our sequence we used both

2.4. I also learnt that we shouldn't zoom in and we should move the hole camera closer to get close up shots

3. Premier Pro

3.1. Premier Pro helped put our sequence in a linear order. I learnt to import all our files and start to put them in a chronological order

3.2. This software also helped to add default titles when After Effects were not used

4. After Effects

4.1. This software helped make professional titles to add on to the sequence. This included differnet fonts and text styles in which we used a Sans Serif types white bold text to convey our drama genre as its a convention of the genre

4.1.1. 1st Sitting

4.1.2. 2nd Sitting

4.1.3. 3rd Sitting

4.2. I aslo used after effects when imported my logo ident i make online into the after effects template of a ident sequence

5. Conclusions

5.1. Premier pro was very useful for ordering our sequence and storing all our media in one visible place. It also helped to get rid of what we didn't want and add our sound to make our sequence effective.

5.2. After Effects helped with the creativity as it helped us produce good looking titles and a professional ident to make our film more creative and effective.