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IT Project by Mind Map: IT Project

1. Housing Marketplace

1.1. Marketplace

1.2. Bidding

2. Projectruimte Lock

2.1. Smart Lock using Student Card

2.2. Room Availability can be seen through monitor or mobile

2.3. Registration via mobile or provided computer

2.4. Notification if booking time almost end

2.5. If not check in after 15 mins of booking time, then the room is automatically cancelled

3. Canteen Extension

3.1. Meal vending machine

3.2. Online order system

3.3. Portable canteen

3.4. Self-service payment terminal

4. Self-service printing

4.1. Print using debit/credit card

5. 3D live campus maps

5.1. 3D version classroom

5.2. enable students and teachers to see the classroom environment

5.3. find the least distance within campus area

5.4. enable to see the number of students in a room

6. Campus Skytrain

6.1. Connect the buildings

6.2. Less walking time

6.3. Help students and (elder) teachers

7. All-in-one Student Card

7.1. OV-Chipkaart

7.2. Bank card

7.3. Student card

7.4. Membership card