Health, Wellness and Fitness

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Health, Wellness and Fitness by Mind Map: Health, Wellness and Fitness

1. Health

1.1. Immunity

1.1.1. Keep up to date with your shots to prevent disease and illness from your life. Keeping with personal hygiene

1.2. Hydration

1.2.1. Make sure to drink lots of water every day and cut down on soda intake

1.3. Nutrition

1.3.1. Making sure to keep up my nutrients from fruits and vegitables.

2. Wellness

2.1. Mental

2.1.1. Keeping organized with my homework

2.2. Physical

2.2.1. Getting proper rest

2.3. Emotional

2.3.1. Always communicating with my friends and family on my feelings

2.4. Social

2.4.1. Visiting with friends and family at least once a week

2.5. Spiritual

2.5.1. Keeping in tune with my inner self

2.6. Environmental

2.6.1. Keeping my living space clean

3. Fitness

3.1. Try and be active every day for at least 30 minutes

3.2. Do a mix of cardio and weight training to keep your whole body healthy

3.3. Make it fun through sports and leisure activities