Foundations of Education

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Foundations of Education by Mind Map: Foundations of Education

1. The History Of U.S Education

1.1. Old world and New world education


3. Gender: Another way schools reproduce inequalities is through gender discrimination. Men and women do not share equally in the united states.

4. three major theories about the relationship between schools and sociology

4.1. 1. Theoretical perspective: A integration of all known principles, laws, and information pertaining to a specific area of study.

4.1.1. 2. Functional theories: Stress the interdependence of the social system. these researchers often examine how well the parts are matched with each other.

5. The Age of Reform: The rise of the common school..... Historians point to the period from 1820-1860 in U.S as one of the biggest changes took place with unprecedented speed. Brought factory machinery to urban areas and immigrants from EUROPE flocked to the factories.

5.1. 1828: Andrew Jackson was elected President

5.1.1. 1815: A new type of reformers groups arrived. They were quiet different from the archetypes of rationalism. 1821: First public school opens in Boston. 1896:Plessy vs Ferguson:

5.2. Education for women and African americans: In 1820 there was a sign of progress for the women movement. 1821: Emma Hart Willard opened the Troy female seminary in Troy.

5.2.1. 1972: Title9 sex discrimination act..... 1983: Nation at risk. Was Ronald Regan's Natioanl commission on Excellence in education. The Post world war 2 Equity era: Equality of opportunity.

6. Universities found prior to the American Revolution: Harvard university:1636, College of William and Mary:1693, Yale:1701, University of Pennsylvania:1740, Brown university:1764. Not all of the colleges were revolutionary.

7. Chapter 2

7.1. The Politics of Education

7.1.1. Conservative ,Liberal, Radical, and Neo-liberal Perspective The Conservative Perspective: Origins in 19th century social Darwinist thought that applied the evolutionary theories of Charles Darwin. The theory developed originally by William Graham Summer. The liberal perspective: 20th century. Became politically dominant during the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Often referred to as the New Deal.

8. Chapter 3

9. Chapter 4

9.1. The Sociology of Education

10. chapter 5

11. Chapter 7

11.1. XS

11.1.1. School based would be like school choice, charter schools, and tuition vouchers. Which charter school is more dependent on their own.

11.2. Schools as organiztion

11.2.1. Japan educational system seemed to produce skilled workers and highly competent manager. France educational system the central government controls the educational system right to down to the classroom level. Tuition vouchers is more for the government and give parents a jump on things for school. Germany educational system selects and sorts its children at a relatively young age and tracks them.

12. Chapter 9

12.1. Educational reform

13. Chapter 10

13.1. Curriculum and Pedagogy

13.1.1. General functionalist has a interesting theory of the social and moral breakdown initiated by modernization. Conflict theory had a more of a racial view of roles of schools in society, they did not like hidden curriculum. History of curriculum purpose of education is to present to students the best of what has been thought or written.