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jobswithsalt by Mind Map: jobswithsalt

1. About

1.1. Shows the company Bio

1.2. Shows the profile of team

1.3. Blog section shows the most recent news as well as post by the admin

2. Service

2.1. Shows all the services provided by the company

2.1.1. Permanent Recruitment

2.1.2. Temporary recruitment

2.1.3. Contract recruitment

2.1.4. HR & People solution

3. Find work

3.1. User can apply for the job.

4. Contact Module

4.1. Contact form allows the user to contact with the backend

5. Social media integration

5.1. Facebook

5.2. Twitter

5.3. LinkedIn

5.4. Google+

6. Search

6.1. User can search any service by the related keyword directly

7. Advance Search

7.1. User can search for the job by various attributes like

7.1.1. Related keyword

7.1.2. Salary range

7.1.3. Location

7.1.4. Category

8. Apply now

8.1. User can directly apply for the job by entering the general details as well as by attaching the CV for his profile.


9.1. Job listing for every job has been provided

9.1.1. Read more option is there for the user to go in the details. User can select any job from the listing they have and directly apply for the same