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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle
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Aristotle believed that everything is in THIS world, as opposed to Plato who believed there are two worlds.

We see a transition from Socrates and Plato to Aristotle.Aristotle is focusing more on the human. He is realistic.

From this transition from Plato to Aristotle, we can also see the transitions in art when we look at the art of the late classical age. In the late classical age, we see a transition from the Diskobolos(perhaps an imitation of the World of Being?) to the Doryphoros, which is realistic and more humanlike. The Doryphoros is not complete perfection, it is flawed in proportions. The diskobolos is perfect.

Aristotle also believed that the main purpose of life is to be happy-not a FEELING but rather a state of being. It is constant and can be developed through harmony. In order to be harmonious, one must have a balance of reason and passion, the golden mean. They must make it a habit when they are born to have that habit. Everyone is capable of being reasonable, virtuous, harmonious, and happy.

He was a biologist and a scientist so he was realistic as to the way life worked.

Aristotle believed in a higher being. A higher being that is eternal and unchanging, which is why the higher being doesn't move.