Reading for Kindergarten

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Reading for Kindergarten by Mind Map: Reading for Kindergarten

1. Objective: Students will be able to sequence a story in order of events

1.1. Learning Profile

1.2. Manny has ADHD/Spectrum

1.2.1. Strategy 1: Guided instruction with plenty of praise and motivation. Strategy 2: Plenty of visual organizers, and body breaks. Also more time is allotted for assessments. 21st Century Technology: The use of iPads, Chrome books that provide plenty of apps that help with sequencing stories.There is an app called " (Apps for children with special needs)

2. Interests

2.1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

2.1.1. Strategy 1: Use graphic organizers that include pictures of TMT characters on them to sequence events. Strategy 2: Read TMT books so students will pay attention to identify elements of the story. 21st Century Technology: Use YouTube to watch TMT stories and have them orally tell me the sequence.

3. Readiness Levels

3.1. Below Grade Level

3.1.1. Strategy: Have students in guided reading groups, to go over sequencing together. Speaking slowly and clearly. Strategy: Provide a "we do" hands on activity to explain sequencing of a story. 21st Century Technology: Using puzzle apps to explain what goes first, next and laugh