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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle
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Aristotle biology

Aristotle says we need to use our senses.

Plato and Socrates says that sense will lead us astray. We should not rely on our senses.

Senses are given to us to understand the world.

To engage the problem of knowledge, we must begin with our sense.

Differences between Aristotle and Plato/Socrates

A scientific and practical thinker.

Does not believe in the world of form, but thinks that everything we can understand are things we can touch.

Created and applies a scientifc model to philosophical investigation.

Teleological system

Believed that everything in the world has causes(things that drive them to be created)

material cause, material from which a thing is made

formal cause, shape of form a thing must take in order to be recognized

efficient cause, actual forceused to make a thing

final cause, what is the ultimate purpose of the thing?


material cause

made of bronze in Greece.

made of marble in Rome.

formal cause

perfect, young male nude

efficient cause

hammer and chisel

final cause

didactic piece of art.

teahces Greek virtue of perfection, wisdom, and mathematical beauty.

Where these form reside?

forms lie inside the thing themselves.

ex. form of oak tree is inside acorn.

each thing that we see is part of a teleological(goal oriented)system