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Aristotle by Mind Map: Aristotle

1. How does Aristole differ from Plato and Socrates?

1.1. Aristolte was A scientific Thinker as Plato and Socrates were believed in teh world of Forms. (Thinsg that could be touched)

2. Aristotle's biology

2.1. In his metaphysics,Aristotle states,"all men by nature desire to know." An example is the delight we take in our senses.

2.1.1. Note: Plato and Socrtes says sense lead you away from the truth,but Aristotles says no we use our senses we crave knowledge.

2.2. He believes nature does nothing by chance That we have been given our senses to use them to understand the world

2.3. For Aristotle to engage the problem of knowledge, we must begin w/our senses.

3. Doryphorus what caused it

3.1. Formal cause: Human for m perfect man nude thinking

3.2. Material cause? Bronze

3.3. efficient CAUSE? chisel with marble

4. Connections:

4.1. Clasicall age connection art with Aristotle he focuses on human

5. How do our senses differ from other animals?

5.1. Animals have different senses than us thus they have different goals and we have a better awareness and understanding of the world and we have a REAL final goal in life.

6. Telelogical system?

6.1. Everythign in this world has a cause

7. Where do the forms reside?

7.1. forms live in the things themselves.