Go West! - Westward Expansion

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Go West! - Westward Expansion by Mind Map: Go West! - Westward Expansion

1. Summary of a Book

2. About missions

3. California

4. Texas

4.1. It is a short video explaining the war, and what years and the sequence of events

5. Getting Around

5.1. Canals

5.1.1. Video Documentary

5.1.2. Primary Sources

5.1.3. History of...

5.2. Roads

5.2.1. National Road Slide show with info Online article Picture from the 1920's and today Article: How it was built and some history

6. Politics - Election of 1828

6.1. About Education article with Short Video

6.2. Newspaper ARticle with summary of...

6.3. Boundless Article - good summary

6.4. Primary Sources - short summary and links to

7. Mexican-American War

7.1. Florida

8. Summary of most topics

8.1. Recommended by Catalina Zuleta

9. New Mexico - Rancheros

9.1. Native American Point of View

9.2. New Mexico Slave Code

9.3. Genízaros, according to the traditional short definition, are Indian captives sold to Spaniards who then became household servants. Most Genízaros in New Mexico were Plains Indians captured by other Plains tribes and then sold to individual Hispanos or Pueblos.

9.4. Book which discusses Genizaro vs Ranchero

10. SantaFe Trail - Brings traders into NewMexico

10.1. History of Willam Becknall - Santa Fe Trail

10.2. History of Santa Fe Trail