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iPhone/iPad Development by Mind Map: iPhone/iPad Development
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iPhone/iPad Development

How do I create the intro like EverNote?


Who are the people who can help?


Sammy Khamis, How much will it be for him to make it into a desktop application as well as a android application?


What have I got so far?


Power Prayer, Development, How do I start to build the interface?, How do I embed a website as one of the tabs?, Do the forms work in regards to width as they are embedded?, Objects,, How do I add pictures?, Add Files, Media Library, Why isn't the WebView showing up?, What are the tabs I want to have?, Wiki, YouTube, Twitter, Prayer Form, Content, Can I do a 365 Day Devotional with my Twitter?, I can link it to another page which has my daily power prayer, What do I call it?, I can call it The Daily Power Prayer, I can call it Powerful Prayers for Right Now

Tutorials,!v=W02LY0jIMxg&feature=related,!v=qLAe3OmapQA&feature=related, Books, One, Two, Three,

How do I make it so that it's available in each of the major languages on the application market?

pg. 602 Select a nib and pull up the utilities tab, Click on the + and have the directory structure created Just select every country you want.Double click the language you want. THEN string files, each string resource can have a description that helps the tanslators the context of the string, then each string has the oringail string and its translation.

How can I do it so I don't have to submit it tons of times?

Is is more advantageous to submit it plenty of times?


How do I make is so that it's the top when people search Prayer for the applications?

What goes into the Search Engine Optimization for the App Market?

How can I get it featured on the front page of Apple?, What did the Confession Application do to get it featured in the Newspaper?, How can I get them to do it for me?


What are the communities out there that fit my needs?