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My life by Mind Map: My life

1. Things I would like to achieve in the future

1.1. My future

1.1.1. I wanted to achieve career growth

1.1.2. I wanted to learn new skills

1.2. My career

1.2.1. I would like to find a job that I would like

1.2.2. To gain experience and understanding

2. Things that are important to me now

2.1. My hobbies

2.1.1. I love to dance

2.1.2. I love listening to music

2.1.3. I like watching films

2.2. My family

2.2.1. For me important my parents and sister

2.2.2. I would like to reach an agreement between me and my parents

2.2.3. I want to be desired

3. Things that I want to avoid in life

3.1. I do not want to feel unwanted

3.2. I do not want to be cheated

3.3. I do not want to be a devotion to the loved one

3.4. I do not want to be forgotten

4. People close to me

4.1. Parents

4.2. Friends

4.3. Sister

4.4. Grandparents

4.5. Classmates

4.6. Teachers