Current Events

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Current Events by Mind Map: Current Events

1. East Asia

1.1. 6000 police in New Years train station chaos

1.1.1. Poor weather

1.1.2. Huge # getting back to families

1.2. China "redefining" borders a cultural instead of political/territorial

1.2.1. Article 2

1.3. Exchange of Fire b/w North & South Korea

1.3.1. North Korea in Wartime State

1.3.2. South Korean Propaganda over border

2. Africa

2.1. No longer "poor", but poverty still an issue

2.1.1. Some countries have improved industrial areas

2.2. Al-Qaeda in Mali and Burkina Faso

2.3. Nigeria Boko Haram attacked village, now deadliest terrorist group


3.1. Terrorist Attacks: Jammu and Kashmir, punjab, pathankot terrorist group, suicide bombings by Taliban (Pakistan),

3.2. Sexual Assault of Women

3.3. Suicide Bombings by Taliban

4. SE Asia

4.1. ISIS expansion into Indonesia

4.1.1. Will attack again if government pursues Islamic extremists

4.2. Waste - Environmental concern

4.2.1. Rapid population growth

4.2.2. Reduce carbon emissions, international agreements

4.3. Vietnam Political Leadership Changeover

5. Latin America

5.1. Corruption Crackdown

5.1.1. Guatemala most agressive - President Otto Perez Molina resigned & was arrested for fraud History of civil war, corruption in Guatemala & elsewhere (Cold War)

5.2. Drug Cartel Violence

5.2.1. Mexico: 164,000 people killed, gang wars

5.2.2. Drugs into the US

5.2.3. Sinaloa Cartel & El Chapo

5.3. Women increasing in workforce, esp. executives

5.4. Brazil - Olympics

5.4.1. 2009 bid year - peak economy

5.4.2. Main export oil, prices have dropped

5.4.3. President charged with corruption, impeachment attempt

5.4.4. Collapse of healthcare system

5.4.5. GLOBALIZATION Is Globalization Good for Democracy? SAC Activity Underdevelopment Scored Discussion: Explaining Underdevelopment Colonialism Why is Brazil less wealthy than the US?

5.4.6. Brazil - Zika Virus