Copy of CFOs in Franklin County

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Copy of CFOs in Franklin County by Mind Map: Copy of CFOs in Franklin County

1. Confined Feeding Operations

1.1. Raising of animals for food ,fur, or recreation in lots, pens, ponds, sheds, or building where they are confined and fed for at least 45 dyas

1.2. IN Regulations

1.3. -300 swine -- 600 cattle -- 60,000 poultry

2. What are SMSSs?

2.1. There are two proposed amendments: 1. establish minimum lot size of 40 acres for CFOs and SMSSs. 2. minimum distance of 3 miles from CFOs and SMSSs to max flood level of the Brookville Lake

2.1.1. Some people want to enact regulations for SMSS and permit them in A1 and A2 zones in Franklin County.

2.2. Satellite Storage Manure Storage Structures (SMSSs) store gallons of manure and urine that are produced by CFOs.

2.2.1. They are not included in zoning codes and are not under regulation until they reach a capacity of 5,000 cubic yards of dry manure or one million gallons of liquid manure. There currently are no SMSSs in Franklin County, but because of increased restrictions in Ohio, CFOs are beginning to look to Indiana to build SMSSs.

3. What are the current CFO regulations in FC?

4. What are the proposed changes to CFO regulations in FC?

5. How do CFOs affect Brookville Lake?

5.1. Manure waste leaks into watersheds that leads to lake

6. What are environmental Concerns of CFOs?

6.1. If the manure from CFOs finds its way into the watershed, it can facilitate the growth of blue-green algae by releasing phosphorous and nitrogen. Large algae blooms can become harmful or toxic.

6.1.1. The algae will poison the fish and thus poison everything that eats the fish. Very soon the whole food chain is being poisoned.

6.1.2. It would also cause devlopments along the shoreline causing a loss of vegetation.

7. What is the overall issue?

7.1. The overall issue is ignorant, uneducated (of ag) people are trying to change regulations for CFO's in Franklin County due to "water contamination" of the Brookville lake from waste drainage which is causing the formation of blue green algae.