CFOs in Franklin County - Period 3

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CFOs in Franklin County - Period 3 by Mind Map: CFOs in Franklin County - Period 3

1. What are SMSSs?

1.1. SMSS are satellite manure storage structures which is designed in whole or in part to store large amounts of solid or liquid manure until the owner determines that the manure is needed for another purpose

1.1.1. Must be structurally sound and water tight IDEM seeks comments on these citations rules are made to prevent any possible harm to human health via water quality

1.1.2. There is a law that prohibits the construction or increase of manure capcity of SMSS with out first obtaining state approval.

1.1.3. An SMSS is considered to be a building lagoon, pad, pit, pond, or tank. This must at least 1 million gallons or 5 thousands cubic yards of manure. Any smaller structures will remain unregulated.

2. What are the current CFO regulations in FC?

3. What are the proposed changes to CFO regulations in FC?

4. How do CFOs affect Brookville Lake?

4.1. CFOs can cause blue-green algae build up in the lake because of possible leakage of manure.

4.1.1. because CFOs can cause blue-green algae, it can result in organisms dying in the lake.

5. What are environmental Concerns of CFOs?

5.1. Due to blue green algae bloom along the shore line caused the plants along the shore line to die off.

5.1.1. Blue Green algae thrives off of the Ag run off and the manure, from farms.

6. What is the overall issue?